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Homily for December 27, 2020

The word family has many meanings and connotations. There is the traditional nuclear family understanding. There are those whose definition of family has been changed by tragedy and sickness. The word is used as a metaphor for other groups of people. We speak of a “parish family”, or the “family of nations,” or in my own Dominican community the “Dominican family.” Regardless of how we understand it, the Holy Family provides a model for what it means to be family.

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Homily for October 27, 2020

I get the sense that many preachers avoid talking about this passage of Ephesians, for the focus on wives being subordinate to their husbands. But, Paul is making much larger claims than simply subordination. All too often, the command to husbands is not emphasized. They are to love their wives as Christ loves the Church. And that is a total, other-centered love that is awesome indeed.

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