November 29, 2023

Lent 2022

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The Friar has created a list of livestreamed Mass sites, Catholic TV and Radio, and prayer resources.

Blessed Ash Wednesday Lenten Season 2
Lent 2022 begins on Ash Wednesday, March 2, 2022. Our Preparing for Lent Novena begins on Monday, February 21, 2022.

Lent 2022 this year starts with Ash Wednesday, on March 2, 2022. The Friar has a few things planned for this season. We get ourselves ready with the Preparing for Lent Novena. We continue the Friar Book Club with the Reading of the Confessions of Saint Augustine. We will add two others: Meditations for Time of Retreat (and a few homilies) from Saint John Baptist de la Salle, and The Companion to the Summa by Walter Farrell, OP. Then, each day during the season of Lent there will be reflections for each day to get us thinking about how we might grow closer to Jesus. There will, of course, be homilies (each homily includes link to the readings for the day), episodes of Going Behind the Word and more. We will also suggest, throughout the season, ways in which you can better your prayer life, seek to serve others, and sacrifice to better see the loving presence of God in your life, and his desire to forgive and to save.

High School Lenten Reflections. Each day during Lent there will be a short reflection written by high school students from the high school where I teach.

The Friar Homilies. Of course, Lent does not mean that the other features on the website stop. There will the the The Friar Homilies, obviously using the readings for the Lenten Season.

Going Behind the Word. The Sunday readings from Year A are particularly rich, and are always used for the RCIA. That means that they could help each of us prepare to renew our baptismal promises at Easter. Going Behind the Word will help by providing context and understanding for these readings.

Hopefully this will make for a holy Lent!

Lent 2022
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The Preparing for Lent 2022 Novena. This prayer begins on Monday, February 21, 2022 and continues for nine days, right up to Ash Wednesday. It is designed to help you pray for a deeper relationship with Jesus. This year the novena will be three cycles of three aspects of Lent: prayer, fasting, and almsgiving. The Opening Prayer for Ash Wednesday refers to Lent as the school of prayer, akin to a campaign, which is important for us as we seek to grow in our faith.

The start of Lent 2022 means that Easter will also be late. Easter Sunday is April 17, 2022.

Preparing for Lent 2022

The Preparing for Lent Novena 2022 starts starts Monday, February 21, 2022. The novena will conclude on Monday, March 1, 2022.

Preparing for Lent 2020

Preparing for Lent Novena: Day Nine

Preparing for Lent Novena: Day Eight

Preparing for Lent Novena: Day Seven

Preparing for Lent Novena: Day Six

Preparing for Lent Novena: Day Five

Preparing for Lent Novena: Day Four

Preparing for Lent Novena: Day Three

Preparing for Lent Novena: Day Two

Preparing for Lent Novena: Day One

What else is available to help me grown in Faith for Lent 2022?

The Friar website is a collection of homilies, scripture explanations, church news, commentaries, reflections and more. Each of these tend to have a seasonal focus, and the same will be true in Lent 2022. There are other aspects of our content that are not limited to Lent, but they can be helpful during the season of Lent.

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