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Today’s Reflection:

All over the world when people are in their most difficult situations and circumstances, they turn to the Church. While some think of the Church merely as a human institution, for people of faith, the Church is the spiritual instrument used by Christ to bring salvation to the world through the sacraments and the love of neighbor.

But as the past few years have shown, while Christ will never abandon the Church, it is also an institution with flawed human beings who sin and fall short. This has been quite a difficulty for people of faith. Jesus warned against causing scandal, but sadly we did not heed. We fell short and sinned. But God’s grace is stronger than our sin. Time and again in the bible we see how God works with and through flawed and sinful human beings.

So too today, God continues to work through the Church, through you and me. Despite our sins and our flaws, God offers us mercy and forgiveness. God offers YOU mercy and forgiveness. While Jesus is always with the Church, and the Holy Spirit continues to guide the Church, we need to pray for each of us, members of the Body of Christ which is the Church, that all of us may remain faithful to the loving vocation God has given to each of us. As we continue this Rosary Marathon, let us pray for the Church.

Today’s Intention: For the Church.

The Glorious Mysteries
The Glorious Mysteries – Dominican
The Glorious Mysteries – Lasallian

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