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Today’s Reflection:

It is an absolute shame to see the war and violence raging in the world. The conflict between Israel and Palestine is sad indeed. It is so sad to see the loss of life caused from war, particularly when it involves the loss of innocent civilians. How tragic is the hardening of attitudes that can result when children are killed or injured? How much hatred will be created by the bitterness that comes from war?

In so many ways every violent conflict impacts the poor most severely. It is the poor that is often in desperate need of the basic materials needed to live that are first to have to go without them. Currently in Gaza, consider the situation of little or no power, no sewage processing, and limited water. As bombs and rockets are launched, consider the fear that arises at the sound of the sirens that play when rockets are detected.

The prophet Isaiah longs for the day when we will train for war no more. The images of the Kingdom of God are unbelievable metaphors of wolf and lamb being guests, babies and cobras playing together and such harmony and peace that it exceeds our understanding.  It can only be the case that we experience such peace if we pray for conversion and seek conversion in our own hearts. We so desperately need peace. We need desperately to seek the harmony that existed before sin entered the world. The Blessed Mother is referred to as the Queen of Peace, for her life was one of constant peace even in spite of the suffering she experienced in her life. In the Hail, Holy Queen, we seek the peace that she found in completely following God in everything. Mary is our life, our sweetness, and our peace. As we continue this Rosary Marathon, let us pray for all people at war and for world peace.

Today’s Intention: For all people at war and for world peace.

The Glorious Mysteries
The Glorious Mysteries – Dominican
The Glorious Mysteries – Lasallian

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