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Today’s Reflection:

There are cultures that value tremendously the elderly. The elderly represent wisdom in their lives and were often the most revered figures in society. While that is still true in many places, there are times where it is hard to see that dignity and respect. How many of the elderly died in Italy in the Spring of 2020? How many of the elderly died in the United States when the wave hit here later?

We need to make sure that those who have lived long are also treated well. While facts and knowledge may change, wisdom is timeless, and many of the elderly are full of wisdom. And if in our fast-paced world we could slow down a little and listen, just imagine how much better we could be.

COVID only magnified the suffering that was already present for many in other diseases. In the Bible, Simeon and Anna are presented as those wisdom figures and prayerful witnesses. They become those persons of wisdom we remember in the joyful mysteries. Who are the wisdom figures in your life? Who is it you look up to in your life to seek guidance? Today, as we continue the Rosary Marathon, let us pray for all seniors everywhere around the world, that we may always appreciate the lessons they have learned and can pass on to us from the vast experiences.

Today’s Intention: For all seniors.

The Glorious Mysteries
The Glorious Mysteries – Dominican
The Glorious Mysteries – Lasallian

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