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Today’s Reflection:

I was talking with a doctor yesterday and she was marveling that even though she had delivered more babies than she could count, everyone one was still a miraculous experience for her. I can only imagine. And I can only imagine how miraculous it is when a mother or father sees their child for the first time. I remember a close friend of mine saying that when his daughter was born he could not stop crying all day because she was so beautiful.

Wouldn’t it be a wonderful world if every parent were able to have all the resources necessary to provide for the basic needs of their children? That single mothers would fully be supported so that they could both find work and be able to work, not having to worry about their children? All too often today, some see motherhood as a burden, rather than an awesome miraculous moment of God’s powerful love. In many ways, this change on the part of some seeing motherhood as a burden falls on us Christians who fail to take seriously Matthew 25 to feed the poor, or to fully celebrate how wonderful is the role of a mother. As we continue the rosary marathon today, let us pray for all expectant women and their unborn babies. And let us pray today for all those infected with COVID and for all the sick.

As we think of the harm from the COVID, let us pray the rosary today for the entire world wounded by this pandemic.

Today’s Intention: For all expectant women and their unborn babies. And, we pray for all those infected with the coronavirus and all the sick.

The Sorrowful Mysteries
The Sorrowful Mysteries – Dominican
The Sorrowful Mysteries – Lasallian

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