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A document for the entire list of daily intentions.

The Liturgical Guide for the Celebrations.

We have been in a pandemic for over a year, and many are tired of it. I know I am. But the sad truth is that for many around the world, the pandemic is still causing a tremendous amount of pain and suffering. Beyond that, these past many months have been months of tremendous suffering as well. People unable to say goodbye to loved ones, lost jobs, no children in school, isolation at home, uncomfortable tests, time in hospitals, and so much more.

The reality is that the hardest thing to recognize is that sometimes we are at a point when we need to admit that we can only do what we should have done in the first place, something we should do every day, namely pray. But sometimes we need to have our backs against the wall to realize this truth. There is still so much we need to pray for God’s help.

Fortunately, the Church has always, from her earliest days, realized that the prayers of Mary, the Mother of God are very powerful. Despite what non-Catholics may say, Catholics do not worship Mary. Rather, recognizing the power of the resurrection of Jesus, Catholics seek the prayers of the saints as well as the prayers of those on earth. And the saints’ prayers are powerful indeed. But the prayers of Mary are especially powerful. From the cross Jesus entrusted his mother to the beloved disciple, John. But one reason John used the term the beloved disciple, and not his own name, is because the beloved disciple is all of us. And so Jesus gave his Mother to each of us.

And so placing our faith and trust in Jesus, we ask Mary for her powerful intercession. Join us tomorrow as we pray the rosary. You can pray along with an audio version of the rosary, pray along with an audio version of the Dominican Rosary, or pray along with an audio version of the Lasallian rosary. You can also join in praying the rosary live at 11am Central (17h00 GMT) each day.

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