December 11, 2023

Please pray for an anon seeking to exit prostitution. Additionally, if anyone knows of resources for this person, please drop them in the replies. St. Vitalis, pray for us. Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us.

URGENT!!!! I’m calling all prayer warriors to stop and pray for Ben and his family. Ben has been very ill and the doctors can not figure out what is wrong. He got sicker overnight and was transferred to a different hospital. Please pray for him and pray for his momma and his daddy and his siblings and his doctors! Someone has to know what’s wrong with this precious little boy. Here’s a little back story. He had brain surgery and was doing better. They sent him home and he was fine for a while and then he got sick and was admitted again! Now he is very ill! The docs can’t figure out what’s wrong even with multiple multiple tests. He is in such pain. Please pray!

May the tragic practice of abortion end.

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