November 29, 2023

Please pray for God’s will to be done in a situation of uncertainty. Thank you.

Prayer request. My brother hospitalized with a possible heart attack. He’s 42, married, with three children. He’s not Catholic, but was baptized in a small, non-denominational church (I hope the ecumenists are right). He is not a particularly pious man. Pray for his soul.

Prayers PLEASE for my sister’s family. Her 11-year old son died last night. Her name is Teresa. It was a freak accident while exercising…I don’t have all details yet. He is in heaven right now but my sister, his dad, brother & sisters are crushed. Please pray for them.

Could I ask for prayers for my brother Justin, he has developed yellowing of the hands and a dark green thumbnail on his right hand. He is going to the doctor on the next week. Thank you.

For all those whose lives are made more difficult by winter weather.

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