June 10, 2023

Bill Reagan- my grandfather
Marcella Hobbs- great grandmother

Please pray for my friend Becky Shapiro and her family as she just experienced the unexpected death of her father. May he rest in eternal peace.

Three years ago, tomorrow, my son, David died. I ask God for strength every day to get me through the day and make every moment count.

I would like to pray for a Dominican priest friend, who’s exhausted and has had health issues. May God bring him healing and rest.

We pray for parents who have lost a child: that God will be present to them in their grief, heal their pain, and give them hope.

Please continue to pray for my deceased Grandmother, Catherine Klump, and my deceased Godmother, Susan Brandon. Thank you!

Please pray for my friends mom who has health issues (a tear in her aorta). Thank you

Request prayer for my father Jack E. Conboy, who would be celebrating his 89th birthday tomorrow 11/16. Devout Catholic and servant of God. thank you!

I would like to pray for my brother on his birthday

I would like to send a prayer for my mother and father

May I ask for an urgent prayer request? My dad faces a long road of hospitalization after his appendix ruptured last night. Most grateful for any assistance you may offer him by your prayers. And thanking God for keeping him safe thus far. 🙏🏻

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