September 21, 2023
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For all those who serve in the military, for their families and for their safety. May our dedication to justice and the common good be worthy of their sacrifice of freedom to protect us.

For all who are ill: that God will bring healing to all who are sick, renewal of hope to all who find life difficult and strength to all who serve their needs.

Friends, my Tia Rosa died 45 minutes ago. Please offer a Rosary for the repose of her soul. May she rest in the peace of Christ. Pray also for the consolation of her children, grandchildren, siblings and family.

Please pray for the safety of all those who must drive in bad weather today.

For a man who is grieving the loss of his wife. For comfort and consolation during these difficult days.

Please pray for my papa with lung cancer.

For a Dominican Friar who was admitted to the hospital.

I’m having a routine outpatient procedure tomorrow say a prayer for me please!

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