December 11, 2023

Stephen – wisdom for his doctor as they plan next steps and for healing and peace

Emily-…healing of her body, mind and heart as she moves forward from being a survivor of domestic violence from her husband.

There is a young immigrant mother and her child from my parish with ankle monitors who are appearing before the judge today to plead their case. Please, please, please, pray for them. Pray that humanity and compassion will reign in that court today. Prayer submitted October 30, 2019.

Please pray for my wife who is struggling with her job. Prayer submitted October 30, 2019.

One of my family friends is really old and is going through a tough time. Prayer submitted October 30, 2019.

For a man who is dealing with prostate cancer. For healing. Prayer submitted October 30, 2019.

A prayer for a 15 year old boy having major back surgery. May it be successful and improve his quality of life. Prayer submitted October 30, 2019.

Pray for my mom Prayer submitted October 30, 2019.

Prayers of Thanksgiving

I have been blessed to know that life is not hard, as long as we focus on the fact that God is with us, always. Each morning, before I taste my first cup of coffee, I take time to thank the Lord for awakening me to another beautiful day on His planet; another day filled with the hope and opportunity to glorify our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I give thanks for the air I breathe, the food I eat, for each beat of my heart that sends life-sustaining blood coursing through my veins. And, then I proceed to give thanks for the people in my life, past and present, who are so dear to me. I am confidant mine is not a perfect expression of gratitude for all that God has seen fit to bestow upon my life, but I attempt to express my gratitude each and every day of my life. Collectively, we take so much for granted; yet owe so much for all that is given us. As Father so eloquently stated, once upon a time, we are so fortunate not to receive that which we truly deserve!

I am thankful for nature! I often thank God for a beautiful sunset, a clear stream, the deer that I see on my way to work, I picture of a mountain that someone has taken a picture of on vacation and shared, a cloud formation, an incoming storm, the birds that sit on the tree outside my office. There is so much beauty to be thankful for in this world. I am sad that many people do not often notice. My prayer would be, God, help us to be grateful and humbled by all your beautiful creations. Help us to find beauty each and every day. And, help us to share beauty with others.

In thanksgiving for my family and friends.

I’m grateful to be alive and to have my family. Not everyone lives close by, but somehow we remain close anyway. I’m grateful for the struggles and sorrows we have to endure. May they accomplish God’s purposes and be to His glory.

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