December 11, 2023

We pray for all who have been abandoned by others in time of need, that they may have forgiving hearts, and understand that God stands alongside them, no matter what. #Prayer Prayer submitted October 28, 2019.

Please let’s always join our prayers for those lonely souls who have no one to pray for them. Tell someone that you’re grateful for them being in your life because #KindnessMatters. Prayer submitted October 28, 2019.

For all those suffering because of the California wildfires. Prayer submitted October 28, 2019.

In your charity, please pray for the soul of Mrs. L, a teacher at my daughter’s school. She recently passed of cancer. They are canceling school for a day and holding much of the funeral service in the gymnasium.

May God comfort her family.

EDIT (10/28/19): Links provided in text for the latest updates on these two young men.

So sad.
Please keep these two young men in your thoughts and prayers. It sure was a rough weekend for PA football.

PAT: #prayforpat

Please pray for this young man..He is a player from our local high school.. (York county, PA).
What is pray for Pat you ask…Friday night during Kennard Dale’s Varsity football game, Patrick suffered a head injury and collapsed on the sideline. He was rushed to York hospital where a Neurosurgeon performed emergency surgery. At 2am he was airlifted to Hershey Medical Center where he is recovering. The next 24-48 hours are critical. We need prayers from all!!! YORK County, PA

JADEN: #prayersfor6

Jaden Leiby was life flighted during the North Schuylkill/Pottsville football game. Jaden has a broken neck right at the L6 and L7, he is in surgery, his prognosis is slight chance he will walk again. 💔On behalf of the family, they have asked for a prayer chain as Jaden will need all our prayers, hope, love and support, Please join me in the prayer chain and keep sharing my post with love, prayers and support, and show Jaden’s family we are here and we’re fighting with you 🙏❤

If you could pray for a friend that is very sick right now, i would really appreciate it! Thanks and God bless!!! Prayer submitted October 28, 2019.

For the two who were shot to death and the 12 who were injured at Texas A&M last night. Prayer submitted October 28, 2019.

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