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Homily for December 13, 2020

In the Old Testament, when we encounter the idea of breath, we should think of the Holy Spirit. The breath of God (ruah) moved above the waters at creation. Mary became the tabernacle of God through the breath of the Holy Spirit. Jesus breathed on the disciples after the resurrection. And Saint John the Baptist refers to himself by what he does – a voice crying out in the wilderness. To have voice, we need breath. In a broken world, how often to we share the joy of our relationship with Jesus? For that is the cause of real joy.

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Homily for December 10, 2020

It’s a dangerous job to be a prophet. Usually it does not end well. The prophet Isaiah minces no words in speaking to the people. “Worm” and “Maggot” are not usually terms of endearment. But the message he offers is one we too need to hear. We need to convert more fully and completely to Jesus, so he is able to come into our hearts.

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Homily for December 6, 2020

Do people see in Christians people who proclaim comfort in Jesus? Or, is it the case that we are all too often perceived as harsh, mean, uncaring? And yet, is not the point of a relationship with Jesus that we will know we are always loved when Jesus is close? Our lives are not spared from sorrow, but in Christ we never have to deal with them alone.

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Homily for December 1, 2020

Today’s reading from Isaiah describes the wonderful intention of God for us. It harkens back to the book of Genesis where we are reminded the original plan of God was one of holiness and justice. Longing for Jesus to come into our lives is a longing for original holiness and original justice.

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Homily for November 24, 2020

The readings are certainly dramatic these days. We are coming to the end of the Church year, and we are focused on the end of time. When asked for a timeline of these events of the end times, Jesus appears to give one, but in reality his message is that we really won’t know so we should always be watchful for him.

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