Friarly Homily: Why did he go? March 27, 2020

Fr. Simon Felix Michalski, O.P., calls our attention to the fact that Jesus knew He would die if He went up to Jerusalem, and yet He went anyway. Why did He go? He went for love of us. Fr. Simon Felix reminds us of this, and then reminds us that we are all called to follow in His footsteps; to be willing to lay down our lives for love of others.

Friarly Homily: Begging for salvation: March 26, 2020

Fr. Ed Ruane, O.P. calls our attention to two readings in which Moses and Jesus beg for salvation for the people they love. This message is particularly relevant to us, whose hearts are always prone to hardness. He asks us to pray hard for a second conversion, that we be drawn more deeply into the

Friarly Homily: March 25, 2020

Fr. Michael Mascari, O.P. preaches on the Annunciation through the eyes of St. Thomas Aquinas; that the Birth of Jesus was planned and executed entirely because God’s love for humanity. Under God’s Providence, Mary acts according to God’s plan. Amazingly, as Mary was, we are also completely enfolded in God’s Providence; in the midst of all our anxiety, we can always turn to God and trust in His hidden work.

Friarly Preaching: The Waters of Life

Fr. Scott O’Brien, O.P., prepares us for the difficulties and mixed emotions that await the people of God in the coming months; he compares the waiting difficulty to another winter, as the natural world prepares for spring. In the midst of this, he encourages us to take heart in Jesus – the temple from which the waters of life flow. Hoping in Jesus, our we have a cause for hope in even the greatest darkness, in the coldest winter.

Friarly: Believe without seeing

Fr. Kevin Stephens, OP calls our attention to the fear and uncertainty surrounding COVID-19 as a reality which brings us to greater solidarity with the fear and anxiety of the past. He helps us to identify with the man who begs Jesus to heal his son, and to save his son from death. That man believed that Jesus could save his son, and Jesus rewarded his faith with the healing he asked for.

Friarly: We Do Believe, We Do Worship

Deacon Joseph Paul Albin, O.P. preached for the 4th Sunday in Lent, Laetare Sunday. In his homily, Br. Joseph Paul acknowledges the difficult times that are before us. It is easy to feel like the blind man at the beginning of the story, but he also reminds that there is a journey from darkness to light, from blindness to the full flowering of the faith.

Friarly: Homily for the Solemnity of Saint Joseph

As promised, due to the COVID-19 epidemic, we have begun sharing our daily Mass preaching from our House of Studies in St. Louis, MO. This morning Fr. Simon Felix Michalski, O.P. preached. For the daily readings to accompany these preachings see the USCCB. March 19 is the feast of St. Joseph the husband of Mary and the the earthly father of Christ. He is also our foster father, our defender, our protector, and our intercessor. During his life St. Joseph was a perfect model not only of humility and obedience but also in responding promptly to God’s call. When called in a dream to leave behind all he had ever known and to take Mary as his wife, he did not hesitate. In the same way we are called to respond to God, promptly and without hesitation, trusting God just as Joseph did. St. Joseph, pray for us!

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