Remember we have God and each other

There are events that can shake one to the core. On Tuesday, one former student was shot by police. Another was a homicide victim. I knew them both. I taught them. I served two parishes there. It is one thing to hear about a shooting far away. It is quite another when the people are known. When something like this happens, how is it that people get through it? I’m suggesting with each other and with God.

Let’s Be Civil

I have been dreading the upcoming election season in the United States. I worry that the horrible way we are treating each other will get worse. As I consider a world where there is too much violence, where too often we retreat into our tribes and groups, that once again we will fail to be civil. And it is not just society. There is incivility in the Church, in fact, just about everywhere. What would happen if we made a decision to listen, to dialogue, and to get to know others we do not agree with? Let’s give it a try.

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