What are you doing for Lent? Don't be a minimalist

Lent starts this Wednesday. And a popular question this time of year is, “What are you giving up for Lent? But a better question is, “What do you need to give up for Lent?” The best question is, “What do you need to give up for Lent to grow in holiness? Following the commandments of God is not a game to see how little we need to do. Rather, it is a path to God, so we know that we have been found.

Getting Ready for Lent Novena: Day Seven

There are times when it is important for us to remember the goal. What is the purpose of our life? Aristotle suggested that determining what something is for was and important way to explain something. Saint Thomas Aquinas applied this idea to humans, suggesting that we were made for living in beatitude with God ultimately in the Beatific Vision.

What is the Temple, and how are we it?

If we are not paying careful attention to what Saint Paul is saying in the second reading this Sunday, we could miss something quite dramatic. We are made in God’s image and likeness. And so we are temples of the Holy Spirit, because we are made that way. So we become, in a very real way, the vehicles for others to encounter the presence of God. If we live faithfully God’s commandments, then we show forth all that God can do for us in his goodness.

Getting Ready for Lent Novena: Day Six

getting ready for Lent is about seeking to imitate the love of Jesus for others. He was ever so generous, emptying himself for our salvation. When he finds us, he helps us to realize that when we focus only on ourselves, there is never enough money, never enough pleasure, never enough fame.

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