September 24, 2022

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Acknowledgements. Mediations by Saint John Baptist de la Salle. Today we add a new book to our growing collection of selections for the Friar Book Club.
Mediations by Saint John Baptist de la Salle – Acknowledgements – For Lent 2022
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Saint John Baptist de la Salle was an innovative educator. Teacher training began with him. Recognizing the value of cooperative learning. Believing that every child deserved a high-quality education. Tailoring the pedagogy to suit the needs of the learner. All of these were innovations designed to improve the lives of the poor children of his day.

But this had the further result of improving education for centuries afterward, even today. At the time of his death, one could be forgiven for thinking that his endeavor was a failure. But today his legacy is something miraculous.

Image by rafapalomera from Pixabay

There are schools all over the world carrying out his vision. The educational mission extends into retreats and other ministries. The schools are designed to foster connections that last a lifetime. It is nothing short of miraculous. And of course, it was. Saint John Baptist de la Salle was a saint that strove for holiness throughout his life.

This is a translation of his meditations that was the result of hard work by the brothers we acknowledge in this podcast. Over the course of the Season of Lent, we will continue to read a mediation, provide reflection questions, and seek to see how the wisdom of Saint John Baptist de la Salle is still relevant today.

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