Advent Reflections
Each day during the season of Advent students, faculty, and staff of Christian Brothers College High School will write a reflection about Advent.

Today, in the Gospel, Jesus healed a paralyzed man. However, the Pharisees and Scribes that are watching said Jesus spoke blasphemies but were in awe after the paralyzed man rose and walked away carrying his stretcher.

This Gospel teaches a very important lesson for this Advent season. Jesus healed this man simply by forgiving him of his sins. Jesus knows our thoughts and feelings, and He saw the deep faith the man had. On the other hand, Jesus knew that the Pharisees and the Scribes did not believe, but He made them believe through healing the paralyzed man.

During this season of hope, we need to be on the right path to God. This means that we must seek forgiveness to fully prepare ourselves for the birth of the Lord. Our sins and problems should drive us to God, but for that to happen, we must seek forgiveness.

— Andrew Purcell, Class of 2022

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