Advent, Advent Reflections
Each day during the season of Advent students, faculty, and staff of Christian Brothers College High School will write a reflection about Advent.

 Begin with the end in mind. This phrase is used often in a variety of contexts, like business and education. The idea is that before you discuss how you are going to achieve your goal, the focus is on what you wish to achieve.

Today’s first reading discusses the end. The end of time when Jesus returns in his Second Coming is a glorious and awesome event for believers. At the same time, the notion that we will be judged on our lives could lead one to be anxious and afraid.

Yet as believers we do not need to be afraid if, as we are encouraged to do in the second reading, we “conduct yourselves to please God.”

Advent is the time to do just that. To reflect and prepare on how to imitate Jesus in the way we conduct ourselves.

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