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Today’s Reflection:

When Cain kills Abel, when asked where Abel was, Cain replies famously, “Am I my brother’s keeper?” We are familiar with the question, but maybe not so familiar with the answer. When the question is, “Am I my brother’s keeper?’ the answer is “Yes!” Yes, we are responsible for each other’s well-being.

But just as Cain and Abel occurred in a sinful world, so too we still live in a sinful world, where people are not given all they need physically, emotionally or spiritually. Fortunately there are people called by God who continue to help people in the many ways they need assistance.

Among these are social workers, those dedicated individuals who seek to help and to make connections to others, with the goal of helping all people to thrive. I can only imagine that social workers have days where they wonder if there will ever be enough people who provide resources so that the vocation of social work is no longer needed, because everyone has everything they need in the physical, emotional and spiritual needs. Still, the pandemic has exposed the effects of our sinfulness yet again. The poor suffer more and more. They have fewer medical and mental health resources. They lack basic needs so that they and their children can thrive. The disruption of school caused by the pandemic has not only made learning more difficult but has further isolated those in need. The loss of jobs made basic items like food difficult to obtain. And in the midst of all this, social workers seek to help others navigate these difficult situations. As we continue this Rosary Marathon, let us pray for all social workers.

Today’s Intention: For all social workers.

The Sorrowful Mysteries
The Sorrowful Mysteries – Dominican
The Sorrowful Mysteries – Lasallian

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