It has been over two months since we last posted. Some of you might be wondering why. The easy and simple answer is that there was simply a lot going on. Life got surprisingly busy. And that made it harder for me to keep up with the posts, recording homilies and more.

I am a chaplain to a high school, and prior to my community. The conversations and plans on how best to deal with COVID took not only a lot of time, but also took a lot of energy. Some days there was no time during the day to work on things. Other days, there was time, but no energy. If I have learned anything during this pandemic, it is the importance of keeping priorities in order. I needed to be sure that I exercised, slept and prayed to keep myself healthy.

That said, now is the time I have to try to get things together again, and so slowly, you will see in increase in content again as things slowly get back to whatever counts as normal these days. I have been keeping everyone who visits this site in my prayers, and all those intentions still are being prayed as well.

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